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Honey lovers! Despair the long winter months without fresh honey no longer! HoneyRock Farms honey is now available at the Cornell Store and Cafe Jennie! 16oz bottles of their classic wildflower honey, and their new product, “honey yum,” a cinnamon infused creamed honey, can now be enjoyed year round!

Bill and Sharon Hilker’s bees produce many varieties of honey – it’s like comparing apples and oranges! In November, the bees are relocated to Florida, where they feast on orange blossoms, and bring back lots of Orange Blossom honey to Ithaca in April/May. The bees are then transferred to a Cornell Apple Orchard in Geneva, NY, where they pollinate the apple trees, producing sweet Apple Blossom Honey.

The variety doesn’t stop there- once the apple trees are pollinated, the locust trees come into bloom, and the bees gather their light nectar to make Locust honey. Around mid-July the Basswood trees come into full bloom, supplying nectar for Basswood honey, then the wildflowers in August (their signature honey), followed by Goldenrod honey in the fall.

Bill and Sharon’s bees not only ensure the health and vibrancy of Ithaca’s agriculture, but provide us with sweet honey and protein rich pollen!

Come meet Bill and Sharon and try a honey sample when the Farmers Market at Cornell returns for the spring on March 26!

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